Spring Cleaning: Tips To Tackle A Messy Garage

//Spring Cleaning: Tips To Tackle A Messy Garage

Spring Cleaning: Tips To Tackle A Messy Garage

Cleaning out the garage is one of the least enjoyable projects homeowners have to do on a regular basis (right behind cleaning the bathroom). While cleaning out the garage is not a difficult task, many homeowners procrastinate on cleaning out their garage because they think it will take a long time or they find something better to do with their time.

However, with the right approach and planning, you can clean out your garage in as little as a single weekend. This includes cleaning the garage floors, organizing tools and even sorting out all your tools and other equipment you have in your garage.

Many homeowners know they need to clean out their garage, but simply lack the foresight or approach to making their lives and home as clean as they should be. Since it can be overwhelming to clean out your garage, we have collected the top five tips to ensure that you can clean out your garage quickly and easily this weekend! Here are some of the best garage cleaning tips that would help you clean your garage in no time.

1. Have a Plan

If thoroughly planned, you can finish cleaning out your garage is only a few days– ideally during the weekend. It doesn’t matter how messy your garage is, you will be able to clean out your garage more efficiently if you have a plan. Even if you are dealing with an overstuffed garage, if you approach your garage cleaning tasks with a plan you will be much better off than if you just dive in. Instead of getting overwhelmed, you will be able to tackle cleaning out your garage with precision and achieve success quickly!

One of the best ways to take on cleaning out your garage is to outline your project with a simple cleaning out garage checklist to help you get started. This simple list will ensure you have all the right items you need before you even pick up a broom or move anything. One of the biggest time sinks in any garage cleaning project is when you have to stop the project and then run out to the store to get more products.

That wastes time and can demotivate even the most devoted garage cleaning project. We don’t want to waste time or money because we are here to make it easier to clean out your garage!

Have an outline of your project, and a checklist would work great for this. Assign some of your friends or family members to help you out. It’s highly recommended to pace yourself and focus on your goal– which is to organize the whole garage.

2. Take Everything Out of the Garage

Before you can start cleaning out your garage, of course, you have to empty out the contents first, and this can be done by grouping the items. You should have a box “for donation,” “for sale,” and “for keeping.” One of the best ways to accomplish this part of cleaning out your garage is to create zones in your grass or on your driveway. This is a great way to sort out your items so you can easily determine what you should keep and how you can organize your garage as you start to put your equipment back in its proper place.

As you are organizing your tools and equipment, you should also consider how you will put items back into your garage. Many of us use to store lots of different items in our garage, so when you organize your garage you should consider putting like items together. Have you got a workbench in your own garage? A heap of sports equipment? Would you store your own holiday decorations within? Picture the various approaches you utilize your own garage and intend to put away similar items together, therefore they are simpler to utilize.

If at all possible, put in vertical storage containers as opposed to saving things on a floor — you’ll maximize distance and lessen the probability of a flooding destroying your own stuff. Keeping your floors clear additionally makes it a lot easier to sweep your own garage during the entire season.

Make sure you label boxes with the mark, and that means you may not need to dig around to locate the Christmas-lights along with your own flag to that 4th of July. Thinking ahead as you clean out your garage and organize your items means that you will save time and have less stress throughout the year.

3. Clean from Top to Bottom

Once you take the first step to cleaning out your garage by removing everything from your garage, you should sweep and hose down your garage floors. I like to use a leaf blower for this task, because it cuts down a lot of time compared to sweeping, and I don’t have to worry about missing the nooks and crannies. I also use a stiff brush to scrub out any stubborn stains, so when I hose down the garage floor it looks great and smells nice too.

Although it’s impossible to get your garage as sparkly clean as your kitchen, keeping it tidy, would lessen the dirt that could get into your home. I also like to take this time to knock down any cobwebs or other items around the garage, and even use a power sprayer to wash down the walls during my first pass of cleaning out the garage.

If your garage floor has been coated with greasy stains or dirt, you’ll likely need to scrub them with only a small liquid dish soap in a bucket of warm water. A stiff-bristled brush creates short work on the majority of spots. When you have secured a hose which may accomplish your own garage, make use of it. Make this floor clean and nice before you begin setting things back in position.

As a ground dries, wash out the remainder of your garage storage items, tools, and equipment. You don’t want to put dirty items back into your clean garage, so be sure to wipe down as much as you can so your garage will keep a nice a clean look. Spray and wash away the light switches, door jamb, door springs plus garage opener button. With a damp cloth, wash out the lights onto the garage door opener as well as other light bulbs. (Just be sure they are cool first before touching them).

4. Chemicals Should Be Properly Disposed Of

Are you still keeping those old chemicals, paint cans, paint thinner, and other hazardous materials in your garage? If so, you better dispose of them now as it can be dangerous. Depending on where you live in, there’s probably a specific hazardous waste day where you can dump these away.

Consider removing specific items from your garage, since cleaning out your garage is more beneficial than just making your house look cleaner. In fact, many chemicals like household paint, some cleaning supplies, and propane pose serious risks if stored in your garage. Consider moving these chemicals to locations with more mild temperatures than are found in the garage.

If you do need to store chemicals in your garage you should be sure to read their user guidelines for warnings. Also, put these items in sturdy, stackable containers instead of stacking on the floor. This makes them easier to store and can prevent some harmful side effects if your chemicals react to temperature changes in your area. Reach out to your local waste management company to talk about how to store your chemicals safely in your area.

5. Proper Organization of Tools

Now that you have fully cleaned out your garage and everything is clutter-free, you have to make sure that everything will be well-organized moving forward. One of the best tips we have found is to focus on removing items from your garage floor. Not only does this make your garage look bigger, it also forces you to really think about what you need and what you can throw out. Recommitting to keeping your garage clean throughout the year is difficult, but a few minutes of ongoing maintenance throughout the year can save you a lot of time compared to big annual garage cleaning projects.

Investing in the right storage equipment is also suggested since garage storage equipment can keep your garage looking great and safer throughout the year. You should consider getting large plastic containers, or metal crates to keep the equipment organized and easy to find. Pegboards are perfect for woodworking tools, and for specialty items, such as helmets, you can get a helmet bag to protect them from dust and dirt while keeping them organized at the same time. On the other hand, if you’re on a tight budget, no need to worry. There’s a lot of DIY organization projects that you can try.

Cleaning Out The Garage Made Easy

You will find that cleaning out your garage is much easier if you follow these simple tips. As you clean out your garage you should also think about how you live and organize your garage according to the frequency of use and the type of items you have.

Ultimately, whilst the task of cleaning out your garage might appear daunting, the rewards will be really worth the endeavor. Not only can you cut costs and maintain a better house with a clean and organized garage. You will also safeguard your investment in your vehicle, bicycles and other items as they truly are kept in a clean, sterile environment, and also finally have the ability to focus with new endeavors that you’d needed enough distance for ahead.

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