Overhead Garage Storage Ideas

//Overhead Garage Storage Ideas

Overhead Garage Storage Ideas

One of the reasons a garage looks cluttered is because not every part of it is being appropriately maximized. The top edges of the walls, as well as the ceilings, are just some of those areas that are left unused. What a lot of homeowners aren’t aware of is that it’s an excellent location for overhead shelves that are perfect for storage and organization. That said, here are some hanging garage shelving ideas you can consider.

1. Pick the Right Overhead System for Your Garage

When it comes to overhead garage shelving, it’s essential to pick the right garage storage system based on several factors. For one, you have to determine how you’re going to use the overhead storage space, and from that, you can decide which storage solution would work best depending on your needs. From there, the following steps related to choosing the kind of shelving you want would be more manageable.

A lot of people use the overhead storage for heavy and bulky items. If you’re planning to use it for the same purpose, then you have to look for a heavy-duty storage rack that could handle the job. It should be made from sturdy materials and could last for several years, even with the demanding garage environment. For a tire shelf, wall-mounted tire racks are preferable. Although this can also be placed on an overhead storage, it can be quite tricky and requires a great deal of attention to ensure that the shelving wouldn’t fail.

2. Pay Attention to the Weight

For an overhead garage shelving, it’s not highly recommended to store heavy materials, as it might fail and fall. That means if you are planning to put items that weigh more than 300 pounds, you should at least mount a support beam under the shelf.

3. What to Store

Aside from tires, your overhead shelving system can hold other essential items that are better off up in the air instead of having them on the floor to make the area less cluttered. In fact, one of the best uses for overhead shelves would be to use it for storing out-of-season items, such as Christmas ornaments.

Additionally, you can also consider putting your property maintenance tools and equipment here– these can be grass trimmers, lawn mowers, shovels, hedge trimmers, and rakes. Car roof racks, patio furniture, camping equipment, sporting equipment, and various holiday decorations can also be stored here.

4. Have a Storage Bin Ready

If possible, you should also consider using storage containers to make your overhead shelving well-organized. For instance, if you are planning to put away old clothes, you have to put them in a storage container first before putting them up. There’s a lot of high-quality airtight storage containers available in the market, and they would protect your clothes from moisture, rodent, insects, and rodents. For extra protection, you can also vacuum seal the essential pieces.

5. Don’t Forget to Label the Items

Since you’ll probably put most of your items in plastic containers or boxes, it’s important that you label them so you can quickly locate what you need. For storage bins, try to make the labels look as uniform as possible.

Labels are perfect for small, hard-to-find items that are inside the containers. That means you also have to make sure that the labels you are going to use are waterproof and wouldn’t easily peel off despite the sudden changes in temperature.

6. Trust the Professionals

Although you DIY overhead shelving is possible, it’s still highly recommended to hire a professional, especially if you’re planning to use your shelving system to hold heavy weight. Likewise, suspended overhead racks need a great deal of attention, and it’s crucial that they’re adequately attached to the ceiling or wall. For tire racks, it’s also essential that the shelf holding the tires is stable with an anchoring foundation.

That’s why we highly suggest to let the professionals handle the overhead shelf installation process. By doing so, you’ll be 100% sure that everything was correctly done, and you are not risking anything at all.

Overhead Garage Storage Tips To Use Today!

These are just some of the best tips that would allow you to keep your garage neat and tidy. By following these shelving ideas, rest assured that your garage would remain clutter-free and you’ll have ample garage floor space for other essential things.

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