7 Easy Tips For Cleaning Your Garage This Winter

//7 Easy Tips For Cleaning Your Garage This Winter

7 Easy Tips For Cleaning Your Garage This Winter

Sometimes it becomes very challenging to clean up your garage during winter. Your garage should always look clean no matter the season. People fail to efficiently clean up their garage during winter due to lack of sufficient info. On this article, we will discuss seven tips for cleaning your garage this winter.

1. Roll the containment mats

It is essential to know that snow and ice wreak havoc on the concrete. The water sinks into the porous surface and freezes when temp lowers. Water will expand after freezing, and that process damages the concrete. This will leave you with chips, pits, and cracks.

You will need to use containment mats to create a protective and efficient barrier for your flooring. These containment mats can hold a lot of water until you get time to squeegee out your mats. Of course, the mats will give your car extra traction. This means it won’t slide or slip when you’re parking.

2. Installing epoxy coating

Epoxy coating is highly effective. It makes your garage look incredibly great. This coat creates an easy to clean surface. Of course, the cover is durable and increases the value of your home. This kind of a coating fills in your concrete pores and allows the surface to resist water. The coating makes it easy for any snow on the surface to be easily removed.

3. Sprinkle fresh snow

During summer, people normally use a garden hose to spray out the debris that accumulates in the garage. If you try this technique during winter, you will note that there is an ice skating rink in the garage. For you to keep your floor tremendous and beautiful, you may need to sprinkle some fresh
powder and especially to the muddy places. You can allow the snow to sit for 5-10 minutes and the sweep using a good broom. The melted snow will dissolve the grease spots, the dirt, and any oil on the concrete.

4. Brush off your car

Prevention of ice formation is the best thing you can do to get rid of all the mess. Brushing off your vehicle is the best thing to prevent the confusion. You should always rush your car before parking it inside. You can brush the top of your car using a broom or a handheld snow scraper. You should always pull to avoid scratching the paint. You should never beat on the ice that may have formed on the body of your car; this will remove the paint.

5. Line with cardboard boxes

You may not have enough money to buy expensive materials to absorb water. If you do not have enough cash for epoxy coating or mats, you can use other materials available in your home. You can make use of cardboard boxes as they absorb a lot of water. You will use these old boxes to absorb water. It is important to avoid using old cardboard boxes.

6. Purchase ceiling fans and blowers

If you want to clean your garage during winter, you will need to invest in ceiling fans and blowers. This will help in ensuring your home and garage is clean. You will need to have HVAC system to increase the airflow in your garage and also increase the levels of humidity. If that sounds expensive, you can opt to invest in blower or fans. This will make it easier for you to efficiently dry your floor. You will not need to connect your ductwork to enjoy a clean garage that is dry for your car and other items!

7. Seal gaps with weather stripping

During the winter period, most people reduce their travel and leave their car parked in the garage for several days depending on the weather. This does not mean that ice will not accumulate or build up. If your garage is poorly sealed, the storm will blow ice into the garage. For you to avoid this, you should always seal your garage correctly.

You can inquire a lot from garage door experts. They will give you sufficient info on what needs to be done to avoid such an occurrence. Always visit your garage every day and see what needs to be done. If there is any significant change that requires being done, ensure you do what is necessary.

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