5 Things That You Should Stop Doing Right Now With Your Garage Shelving

//5 Things That You Should Stop Doing Right Now With Your Garage Shelving

5 Things That You Should Stop Doing Right Now With Your Garage Shelving

What’s the status of your garage? Is it well-organized, or more like in a state of chaos? What about your cars? Can you still park them easily in your garage, or is it the opposite? More often than not, garages turn into black holes that hold random items that don’t fit anywhere in the house. Likewise, another common problem is that the garage shelving is not being properly utilized.

It doesn’t matter what home improvement project we are talking about; the important thing is that we should do our best to plan and think of garage shelving ideas we can significantly benefit from. Aside from that, being familiar with the most common garage shelving mistakes can help you avoid accidents, and wasting not only your time but money as well. Read on to find out what these are:

Common Mistake #1: Failure to Maximize the Walls and Ceilings

Perhaps the reason that your garage floor is ridiculously cluttered is that you aren’t looking at the bigger picture– you don’t realize that the walls and ceiling can help you organize your tools and equipment even more. Homeowners are guilty of neglecting their garage ceilings and walls because they are not aware of the garage storage devices that could help them keep their garage clutter-free and safe.

By installing overhead shelves, wall cabinets, and the like, you’ll be able to clear the floor and store most of the seasonal items on either the hanging shelves or wall cabinets. Not just that, another way to take advantage of your garage space to the fullest is by investing in highly durable wall cabinets and open shelves.

Common Mistake #2: Failure to Organize the Items Properly

As a rule of thumb, breakables should be placed on top of the box stack or a separate shelf. Never pile things on top of these items as you are increasing the risks of them breaking in case the shelf fails. Additionally, when stacking boxes on the floor and against the walls, see to it that you have some pallets to stack the boxes on. By doing so, you’ll be able to keep the items safe from pests and unpredictable weather conditions.

Common Mistake #3: Not Maintaining the Garage Floors

Even when you have the best garage shelves, and your garage is very organized, if the floor is chipped, broken, or have oil stains, then it’s no use. Your garage would still have issues. For one, if left untreated, these garage floors would tarnish over time, and your garage would have a negative appearance because of this. Likewise, if you’re thinking of a fast solution, better reflect on it first. It’s not advised to cover the concrete floors with rubber mats or ratty carpet remnants as it can be hazardous. One of your family members might accidentally slip on a worn mat or piece of carpet and hit the hard concrete, resulting in broken bones. Cleaning untreated concrete floors is not an easy task either. So, the best solution would be is to maintain it to prevent future problems.

Common Mistake #4: Choosing the Wrong Material for Garage Shelves

It doesn’t matter if you’re going DIY, or you already have storage shelves ready to be installed. It’s very important that you pay a great deal of attention to what they are made of. The problem with most homeowners is that they are not aware of how crucial it is to pick the right material, and so, they always end up spending on the wrong garage shelves. Not only will it be a waste of money, but it can also be dangerous.

When it comes to picking the right material, there’s some factors to consider; this includes how you are going to use the shelves, the style of the garage, and how much you are willing to spend. For instance, if you are going to use it to store heavy items, then better invest in metal shelves instead of plastic ones.

Common Mistake #5: Choosing the Wrong Size for the Shelves

Before you buy the materials you are going to need for your garage shelves; you have to measure everything accurately first. That means you have to measure the garage wall, determine how many shelves you are planning to install, and what should be their sizes to fit perfectly in the area. Don’t forget to pay attention to the kind of things you are going to put on the shelves as well.

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