5 Garage Storage Tips For Families With Children

//5 Garage Storage Tips For Families With Children

5 Garage Storage Tips For Families With Children

A clean garage provides many benefits for all homeowners because many families have tools, lawn equipment, and vehicles in this area. This means that while garages are often forgotten when it comes to personal items, your garage is actually one of the most important rooms in your house. To ensure that your family can access your household equipment easily, you will need to maintain garage organization in a way that allows your children and family throughout the year.

A clean garage is especially important for families with children because this room is filled with clothes, sporting equipment, and other items but you don’t want to waste space with items in your garage hogging up all your room. The only way to prevent damage to your purchases and keep your garage clean is to organize your garage is to maintain a well-kept garage organization system.

Here are five of the best garage organization techniques that you and your family can take today to ensure your garage is organized even if your family has children!

1. Keep Those Bicycles Out of the Way

As a rule of thumb, bulky items, such as canoes should be mounted on the wall for you to save floor space as you organize your garage. However, with kids around the house, you also have to think of a way on how to store their bicycles where they can easily get them when needed. While storing your bicycles on the wall will allow your garage to look cleaner, it also means that it will be difficult for children to access and put back after use.

The best solution for this would be to install a rack system on the wall or floor to hold your scooters, bicycles, and skateboards for your kids. As for the helmets, just put them on the seat or attach to the handlebars– it is a great way to remind your children to always wear their helmets when riding their bicycles and the like. This approach to garage organization means that your family can access the items they need, while reducing risk to bodily harm.

2. Group Items Together

With kids around the house, it is vital that everything be accessible and easy to find. This not only saves you time if you help your children access their equipment but having your garage organized also reduces the chances that anything can fall on them if they try to move items throughout the day.

Organizing your garage is even more important if you have a small garage because this can be a little difficult, but not impossible. You can transform your garage into a clutter-free space that both you and your children can enjoy and store equipment with ease!

One great way to organize your garage to be used by your family and even your children is to ensure easy access for everyone. Just install some metal shelving where you can organize your items. The ones that you often use, you can put them on a larger wire shelf. Arranging your items in your garage is the most important part of keeping your garage organized. This means placing items in your garage in a way that allows easy access to the things you need without having to worry about rearranging your setup each time you want to take down bicycles or soccer balls.

3. Bins and Storage Racks

If your kids are already in school, that means you are probably thinking of where to put their bulky backpacks and other school equipment. Of course, it is something that they cannot take all the way to their bedroom.

Chances are, these heavy bags are lying around the garage, and one of the best ways to keep them organized would be to have some plastic storage containers of different colors near the door where they can put their backpacks.

Hooks are also a good alternative– just make sure to pick one that would be able to handle the weight of the bag. If you are really into DIY, you can consider making shelves specifically for this item. By doing so, you will have the assurance that they will always be in one place.

4. Safety Should Be Your Main Priority

While you want to make sure that the items your children need to use are easy to access in your garage, you also want to keep harmful items away from your family and children. This means storing sharp objects like axes, knives, and other equipment out of reach from children.

Harmful objects should be handled with great care; that also means that you should be storing them in areas that aren’t accessible to children. If the garage also functions as your work area, it is important to keep it clutter-free at all times. Hand tools should be put away after each use, and power tools must be unplugged.

The garbage bins, tools, and fuels should be kept away from small kids. To stop your little ones from reaching them, it is ideal to install child-safe latches on your garage cabinets. As for older kids, just install locks on cabinets, especially for dangerous materials.

5. Put Everything Away in Its Proper Zone, and Don’t Forget to Label

Organizing your garage won’t have much positive impact on your house if you are not able to find your items easily. This is especially true if you want to organize your garage to help keep your children safe and save time finding frequently used equipment. Don’t waste your time organizing your garage without thinking about the future. One of the best ways to keep your garage clean, organized, and useful throughout the year is to store items in reusable containers and clearly mark your containers.

Map out different zones in your garage so your family can find different types of equipment. This means laying out items based on the needs of each child, seasonal usage, or types of equipment. This prevents sporting goods from being stored near machinery that can hurt children if they are not careful. Think about the different items that your family and children use throughout the year, and organize your garage to help your children find the items they need quickly and easily.

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