12 Clever Garage Storage Hacks

//12 Clever Garage Storage Hacks

12 Clever Garage Storage Hacks

Garages. They are not only for vehicles, but for other items, tools, and equipment as well. For that reason, they can be very disorganized and chaotic. The once-functioning garage you used to have could turn into an organizational nightmare if you didn’t maintain it. These garage organization ideas will prevent that from happening.

1. Clear Containers Are the Way to Go

If you’re using the garage as a work area, you probably know how frustrating it can be to keep those tiny items, such as nails and screws well-organized. The best solution for this would be using transparent plastic jars, and to save more space, you can screw the lids of these jars to wooden shelves. By doing so, you don’t have to keep these jars on the table. Likewise, it’s a setup that would allow you to correctly see what’s inside the jars, and you’d quickly know when the jar gets empty.

2. Don’t Throw Away Those Cans

If you have lots of cans lying around the house– it can be soup cans and the like, then you can repurpose them. Just make sure to peel off the labels and thoroughly clean and dry these cans first Then, you can screw these cans on plywood and hang them on your pegboard. This would give you a nifty storage or holder where you can put different tools.

3. Create a Garden Shelf

The potting bench that outside works excellent to keep your garden tools organized. However, during the rainy season, this would be a different story– tools and other materials made of metal could get rusty, and dry goods would get damp. By having a steel shelving inside your garage, you’ll be able to keep these items organized. You can quickly create this by using wooden pegs while maintaining the potting bench clean by casting out open bags of fertilized soil. Using plastic tubs with lids can also be a great storage solution as you can put them on the last shelf.

4. Pool Noodle for Fishing Rods

Do you love to go fishing? If so, there’s a huge possibility that you have a vast collection of fishing rods. How do you store them? Well, we have a talented organization hack for you! You can keep your fishing rods from getting all tangled up or out of shape by using a super easy and cheap storage solution– pool noodle. You just have to attach a PVC pipe to the wall and drill a large hole enough for the large screws to fit in the back of the wall. Attach the pipe to the wall, and make slits on the pool noodle– be careful not to cut all the way through. Attach the pool noodles to the wall.

5. Rotating Corner Shelves

A corner shelf that can rotate can be quite useful as it can hold several items ranging from car cleaning supplies, paint cans, and many more. There are a lot of DIY tutorials on how to create one on the Internet.

6. Golf Bag Turned into a Garden Tool Holder

Are you a golfer? Or do you have an old golf bag lying around the house? Why not reuse it and turn this old bag into a useful storage station for your garden stools. The body can hold the rakes and shovels, while the pockets are ideal for small planters, gloves, and other hand tools.

7. Ladder Scrap Wood Holder

Some garages have wooden scraps, usually lumber, lying around their garage floor. This is generally common, especially for those who love to DIY. Keep these lumbers well-organized by storing them on a ladder, and you’d be glad that you did. You can even organize the wood according to their size, and this kind of storage would allow you to move the lumber from one location to another easily.

8. Mudroom Magic

If you’re already running out closet space, then you can transform your garage into a spectacular mudroom. All you need are several hooks for clothes, and a few hanging baskets to hold your umbrellas and magazine subscriptions.

9. Toy Fixer

For those who have children around the house, toys are scattered everywhere. You can organize these using large laundry baskets for balls, while stackable shelving for the rest of the toys.

10. Peg Rails

Peg rails are a great organizer, because you can put a wide variety of tools and items on them. However, if you don’t have one available, then just consider buying peg rails and merely arrange them the way you want.

11. Bike Shelves

Bike Shelves are very important for families who own several bicycles. Something as simple as a fruit crate can be turned into a shelf that would hold your bike. All you have to do is mount this on the wall, and the top part can be used to keep the helmet and other gears.

12. Bungee Fun

Balls ranging from soccer balls, kick balls, basketballs, and so on can all be stored in one place using a bungee cord.

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