10 DIY Garage Storage Ideas You Can Do For Under $50

//10 DIY Garage Storage Ideas You Can Do For Under $50

10 DIY Garage Storage Ideas You Can Do For Under $50

There will be instances where it’s difficult to find the tools and equipment you need in your garage. This is probably because the area is overcrowded and disorganized. If you’re currently in this kind of situation, it’s now time to organize your garage!

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune on that. There are a lot of garage storage ideas DIY that wouldn’t break the bank. Here are some of them:

1. A Sliding Door for Tools

The first DIY garage storage project that you can consider would be a sliding door that would keep all your tools and equipment in one place. Although this might take a little time to accomplish, it’s rewarding as your garage would be well-organized, and everything would be accessible.

2. Folding Chair Turned into a Hanging Rack

Chairs aren’t only good for sitting because you can use them as a storage solution! Folding chairs can be strategically hanged on a wall, and they can be used to hold some of your boxes, tools, and other items in the garage.

3. Save the Screws!

The best way to save would be to recycle, reuse, and repurpose. If you have mason jars lying around the house, you can utilize them for organizing. These empty jars are perfect for storing your screws and nails. Simple, yet effective solution to store these items for later use.

4. Ceiling Drawers

This would need some skills and patience to accomplish, but once it’s done, you’ll be able to maximize your garage space even more. Pivoting boxes can be hung from ceiling joists. When the drawer is down, this will give you easy access to your supplies. All you need are the boxes that you’re planning to hang, wood glue, and 1-5/8 in drywall screws that would hold the boxes together. You can also customize the shelving depending on what you’re going to store.

5. DIY Tool Shelf

It’s imperative to keep your power tools organized and within easy reach. However, this would be impossible if the tools are scattered around the garage, or in a messy pile somewhere. You can quickly solve this problem by building a shelf made explicitly for your power tools. Aside from being a great garage storage solution, this tool shelf would also solve another problem– it would prevent the cords from getting tangled up. Create a shelf where you can easily fit the power cords in a separate compartment that is directly below the tool.

Also, you have to consider that some of your tools won’t rest flat on your shelf, and that’s why it’s important to modify the top by drilling holes or cutting slots perfect for certain power tools.

6. Turn Your Old File Cabinet Into a Garage Storage!

Why not turn something old into something new and entirely useful? If you have an old file storage cabinet that you don’t use anymore, you can turn this into a garage storage! If you don’t have an old file cabinet, then you can consider going to the junkyard, and you can get one for a very affordable price. All you have to do is just sand it, paint it, add some peg boards, and it will have a new purpose!

7. PVC to Store Your Garden Tools

Most of the time, cleaning and gardening tools, such as mops and rakes are left leaning against the wall. This doesn’t only make your garage look disorganized, but it can also be unsafe. A cheap solution for this would be to use PVC pipes and screw them up on the garage wall. By doing so, you can simply insert the handles into the PVC holes

8. Recycle Bin Hangers

Recycle bins can take a lot of space, and to prevent that, you should just hang these storage containers on the wall. Level and attach the bottom cleat studs where the column should start, and screw the upper part of the cleat piece to secure them. The bins should be used as a guide to accurately place the cleat for each container and install it on the wall. Repeat the steps for each container, and you’ll be able to put them on your wall properly.

9. DIY Truss Shelves

Old fence rails can be turned into truss shelves. Just make sure that you add two braces at the rear, below the top shelf, and below the bottom shelf to prevent it from wobbling. You can use a scrap of plywood and just nail them in two or more places on each of the ladders for better stability. Additionally, if you’re thinking of using pocket hole screws, you have to start the screws in all the holes before putting the crosspieces on.

10. Mounting Bikes on the Wall
Bikes take a lot of space, but you can store them in a way where you’d be able to free up some floor space. Take advantage of the vertical storage space of your garage, by putting a hook that could hold up to 50 pounds, and that’s about it!

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